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We are committed to fighting discrimination and stigma, challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes.

Stand to Reason is a service-user led organisation that intends to work with and for people with mental ill health in the way that Stonewall has for gay people: raising the profile, fighting prejudice, establishing rights and achieving equality.

The organisation welcomes anyone who wishes to support us or take part in this campaign.

Achievements by Stand to Reason

  • Politics – campaigning success: change in the law announced link
  • Workplace Stand to Reason’s line manager training is rolled out to all line managers at FTSE 100 company after successful pilot sickness absence reduced by 15% link
  • Culture and Media – Stephen Fry joins our campaign link
  • Politics – watch BBC Newsnight coverage of the report on MPs mental health link
  • Workplace Stand to Reason’s innovative peer-to-peer support programme for people seeking to retain work or get back into employment has run two successful seasons and is being rolled out at employers like Ernst & Young, the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority link
  • Campaigning – Stand to Reason trustee, Liz Miller – Mind Mental Health Champion of the Year link
  • Politics – Nick Clegg apologises for “Nutters” comment and re-affirms his support for mental health link

    We are supported by Comic Relief and the SLAM Charitable Trust (as well as gaining donations from providing practical business-minded solutrions to leading edge organisations), and support our colleagues in tackling stigma Time to Change (Lizzie Miller who opens this short film was a founding trustee of Stand to Reason and we have many supporters in common)

    Please show your support for our vision and goals by subscribing to us in the box provided. Click here to learn more about ways to participate. link

    Unlike Time to Change we are focussed on the workplace and campaigning and lobbying so our work is complementary. Stand to Reason is service user run and led in contrast to Mind and Rethink who support Time to Change. Rethink has provided significant support in kind and our office space for several years.

    If you are able, please donate to our campaign.